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HOA RV, Boat Restrictions Make Premier the Logical Solution

Buying a home in Riverside or Orange counties, or in some of the local cities like Lake Elsinore, Corona, Murrieta or Yorba Linda, and own an RV or boat? You may end up butting heads up with what are called covenants that restrict parking for such vehicles.

Older homes, built for instance in the 1960s and 1970s, might not have covenants on them restricting your vehicle's storage on your street and even on your property, but newer homes often are encumbered by restrictions (or covenants) placed on them by homeowners associations (HOAs). Cars fine, but RVs and boats -- these are treated entirely differently by HOAs.

Each HOA will have its own set of rules, but a quick survey shows that the most restrictive regulation locally forbids a homeowner from parking his or her recreational vehicle out front for more than FOUR (capitals added for emphasis) hours to load and unload, and then it's bye, bye. Find somewhere out of sight (and not on your propery or any HOA-covered property) to park your precious investment.

Other HOAs are a bit more forgiving, allowing up to 24 hours to load and unload. Some even stretch than to 72 hours in an emergency.

But the message is clear: RVs and large recreational vehicles are simply not wanted in HOA-administered areas.

That's why it's more important than ever, if you're residing on an HOA-covered property, to find the best alternative for storing your RV or boat.

Premier Indoor Storage, located conveniently near the crossing point of the 15 and 91 freeways, is your optimum solution. Not only does Premier store your vehicle inside a secure structure and thus out of the elements -- and out of harm's way! -- but it also tends to your car with valet-level service, including routine maintenance inspections.

Premier's valet-level services also extend to pick-up and delivery options for your boat, RV or other vehicle.

So, though your HOA may not want your RV in its backyard, Premier Indoor Storage does want your vehicle to be well taken care of. Bring your investment to the facility that's dedicated to providing world-class storage and maintenance services. Bring your vehicle to Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif.

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