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Mobile Mechanic v. Indoor Storage Mechanic for Your RV or Boat Maintenance

Indoor storage facilities will often offer add-on services for the care and maintenance of your RV, auto, boat, or cycle. In many cases, these facilities will use mobile mechanics. Some of the more full-service indoor storage facilities, such as Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, however, will keep crews on the premises permanently to do many of the maintenance jobs you need.

Is there a difference? Ultimately, maybe not except for speed and convenience, but here are a few good points to keep in mind:

1) Mobile mechanics tend to be extremely busy, and your RV or boat might have to wait weeks for servicing. If you're not planning to use your vehicle anytime soon, then no problem, but an indoor maintenance crew is one call away from providing the service you need. If not, they will often arrange for an outside mechanic to come in and do the work for you. You just need to make that one phone call.

2) The indoor storage maintenance crew, such as the one employed by Premier Indoor Storage, is contracted to do the routine and basic preventive and ongoing maintenance chores on your RV, boat or other vehicle. All you have to do is sign up for the storage, and the maintenance comes with it.

3) With mobile mechanics, you're not going to be able to meet the people doing the work very easily. You could spend a lot of extra time screening these people before they do the work. Again, this is time-consuming and time-wasting.

4) You can meet the indoor storage mechanical crew when you sign up for the storage of your vehicle. You can query them and find out if they have what it takes--knowledge, experience, and commitment.

Again, like the choice between indoor and outdoor storage, choosing how to maintain the mechanical workings of your RV or boat is an important decision. Generally, places like Premier Indoor Storage give you a decided one-up on the go-it-yourself approach. Your time is money, so decide accordingly.

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