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Storage Facilities in Corona/Norco

If you do an online search for storage facilities in the Corona-Norco area, you'll find an awful lot of companies listing "self-storage units," which usually feature drive-up garage doors. The spaces are generally best for boxes, old furniture, and stuff that will fit inside easily. Though the spaces can range up to 20-by-30 feet and you could conceivably lodge a small boat inside,is this really your best route?

In addition, many of these storage facilities have paved parking spaces where you can, indeed, park a boat or RV or automobile. Though on the secure premises, this arrangement may deter the human element of vandals, robbers and taggers, it does nothing to repel the force of mother nature.

To boot, none of these facilities could give a hoot about helping you mechanically by checking your batteries and oil or by providing pumping facilities. They're just spots to park and forget, which may well be fine if you're only looking at a few days or a couple of weeks of stowing your vehicle away, but for longer storage plans, better to look something that's full service.

Even if you refine your online search to "indoor storage facilities," the same self-storage companies still pop up, along with a place called Norco Indoor RV & Boat Storage. The site for this facility touts its low price ($5 a foot, but for what length of stay?), but it's silent on any mechanical or maintenance services it may offer.

Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, however, not only offers secure indoor facilities, but prides itself on routine maintenance and care for all its stowed vehicles. The manager, Todd E., even said:

"The staff at Premier Indoor Boat and RV storage takes the initiative to care for every item that comes in the door. They notice things like tires that are looking worn, dates of last service, batteries that need to be charged etc. This is done not only to ensure their members' items are always ready to go at a moment's notice, but also to protect the investments they are being entrusted with."

So, if you're looking for the ultimate in indoor storage for your RV, boat, coach, cycle, or automobile investment, think Premier Indoor Storage, and give them a call for further details at (951) 278-2500.

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