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Benefits of Indoor RV and Coach Storage

The average RV or coach owner takes his or her vehicle out just a few times a year. This means that the RV or coach must be parked or stored for the other months of the year, exposing it to several dangers, both natural and man-made. Whether your RV or coach is in Norco, Yorba Linda, Lake Elsinore or other surrounding areas in Riverside or Orange Counties, the best overall solution is indoor storage.

Let's look at each danger or pitfall inherent in outdoor storage and examine the benefit of indoor storage for your RV or coach:

1) Weather: You won't need to winterize your RV or coach is you choose indoor storage, and likewise there will be no sun or weather damage to either the exterior or interior of your vehicle. It will come out of indoor storage looking and being the same as it went it.

2) Bird droppings: Again, if you choose indoor storage, no animals can do anything to harm your RV or coach. Being indoor prevents the vehicle from voluminous bird droppings or other creature-inflicted problems.

3) Theft or damage: With indoor storage, your RV or coach is protected from the human element, including theft, malicious damage, or even being crashed into by another vehicle.

4) Insurance premium: Your insurer will no doubt look favorably on your decision to use indoor storage, and thus your premium will be lower.

5) Burglary of the RV and your home: Without the RV or coach parked somewhere near your residence and instead tucked safely in a commercial indoor storage spot, you reduce the risk that vandals and burglars will be induced by the presence of your vehicle. You'll be safer at home with the RV in indoor storage.

6) Tire deflation and cracking: Exposed to the elements, the tires on your RV or coach can begin to crack or even deflate. This will less likely happen if you choose indoor storage, where your vehicle is protected from the elements.

7) Rodents: With indoor storage, you won't have to worry about rodents nesting in your RV or coach, whether in the wheel wells, underneath in the frame, or somehow making their way inside.

8) City codes: If you park your car on the street, or sometimes even on your property, you may find you've violated the local codes, and this could be costly. Another reason to choose indoor storage.

9) Investment protection: Obviously indoor storage, given all of the above factors, will do more to preserve the resale value of your RV or coach.

10) Peace of mind: Bottom line, if you utilize indoor storage for your RV or coach, you can sleep better at night, knowing that every penny spent on either your vehicle or your indoor storage is being well spent.

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