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Indoor v. Outdoor Storage of Your RV or Coach

If you drive through the cities of Yorba Linda, Corona, Norco, Lake Elsinore and others in and around Orange and Riverside Counties, you'll no doubt see people who keep their RVs and coaches in their driveways, special spaces and even backyards, but is this the best route to go?

Even in warm climes like that in South California, keeping your RV or coach outdoors does present some challenges. First of all, rain, wind, heat, sun radiation another natural elements are going to play havoc with the exterior of the vehicle.

Second, critters love exploring new, warmer places, and you could find your RV or coach has become home to rats and mice who seemingly can squeeze through any micro-opening. Bird droppings, insect infestation and leaves and sap from trees can also wreak damage on the exterior (and interior) of your RV or coach.

RVs and coaches stored outdoors can also tempt vandalism and robbery, even escalating to the home itself if those involved sense the home is vulnerable as well. A parked RV or coach can be an invite to all sorts of natural and man-made intrusions and attacks.

That being said, many people see no problem in storing their RV or coach outdoors, whether on their own property or in rented spaces. After all, this option is cost effective, especially if it's on one's own property.

In contrast, indoor storage eliminates most of these obstacles and challenges. Critters and the natural elements are mostly eliminated from the equation, and so is human vandalism and robbery. So long as the storage facility is secure, so is your RV or coach.

The bugaboo might be cost. Indoor storage is generally more costly than outdoor storage, but if you consider your long-term investment, it might make sense to spend a little more to ensure your costly investment in an RV or coach is being protected 24/7.

If you live in colder, more hostile climates, then indoor storage becomes even more of a necessity, as rain, snow, wind, hale and other natural phenomena can really wreak havoc.

The choice is yours, but you should weigh the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor storage versus your investment in your coach or RV and decide accordingly.

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