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Tips for Summer Fun in Your RV: Planning Ahead

It's summer, and RV enthusiasts are preparing to hit the road if they haven't already. While some RV owners will journey out and have a great, hassle-free time, others may hit some trouble on the road or in the camps if they didn't prepare fully.

Two areas to be particularly concerned about involve the RV's battery and the refrigerator and cooling systems on the RV.

Whether you're using indoor RV storage in Corona, Calif., or elsewhere, or just keeping your RV in your backyard, before you hit the road, you want to ensure your battery is ready to go.

The obvious tip with the battery is to make sure it's fully charged, especially if it's been sitting for a while during the winter months. Now, if you've stored your RV at a full-service facility such as Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif., your battery will be taken care of by the on-site maintenance crew, and you'll be ready to go first time out for summer fun. If not, you want to make sure not only that your battery is fully charged, but that it's cared for as well.

For routine battery care in addition to charging, you should clean the battery of all corrosion using a wire brush and a 50/50 solution of water and baking soda. Also, make sure the connections are tight, the water level flush (with distilled water), and the caps in place tightly.

If you've followed all these preventative maintenance steps, your battery should be ready to go. Now it's time to take a look at the refrigeration and cooling systems.
First, check the radiator on your tow vehicle or on the recreational vehicle itself. Make sure it's flush with coolant. Check all the hoses and clamps for signs of cracks or leaks. Some may need to be replaced if cracked or leaking, and you probably should get a mechanic to do this for you. Again, full-service facilities like Premier Indoor Storage can see to this and relieve you of the stress.

Now it's time to look at the air conditioning, or AC, system. Make sure it's working, and replace the filter for cleaner operation. If there are any problems with the dash or RV AC system, you'll want to get a trained professional to take a look and repair things as needed.

Check the refrigerator as well, and repair if necessary. When you get to a campsite, try using LP gas instead of electricity to operate the refrigerator. This will save you some money and potential headaches.

Find a shady spot in the camp to relieve the stress on your AC system, and consider investing in some portable fans to help circulate the AC-cooled air. This will make the RV more comfortable and also potentially save on the cost of running the system itself.

Again, your best bet is to use facilities like Premier Indoor Storage in Corona. Trained mechanics with their utmost attention to preventative-care detail will ensure you enjoy a summer's worth of worry-free RV use.

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