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Year-Round RV Maintenance Tips

A recreational vehicle is a pretty big investment, one which requires you to follow the manufacturer's suggested maintenance plan. If you're stashing your RV in indoor storage in Corona, Calif., at a world-class facility such as Premier Indoor Storage while not using it, the on-site maintenance people can do the maintenance for you. But if you're out of the road or storing your RV in your backyard or driveway (not advised), here are some important tips for maintaining your RV investment in tip-top shape.

Waste Water System: What are called the grey and galley tanks, which store and then drain water from the shower and the galley, are less of a problem than the black tank, which is the repository for the waste from your toilet. All of these tanks have valves for draining, so if you're parked in a RV campground, you can leave the drain valves open on the grey and galley tanks continuously, but the black tank is different. If you leave the valve open on the black tank, only the water will drain and the waste will be left behind. For the black tank, you need to let the waste accumulate and open the drain when necessary -- and remember to flush with plenty of water. Also, always use RV toilet tissue and RV chemical in your toilet (black) tank.

Fresh Water System: Use a water filter for your fresh water intake to clean the water that you use in the sink (for purified water, consider bottled water for drinking). Also, be careful to mark, or code, your hoses, so that your water intake hose is not used for tank discharge (see above). Also, if you're not going to use your RV for a month or more, be sure to drain your potable water tank and your water heater.

Exterior Checkpoints: If you have a rubber roof on your RV, check the seals, and if they need resealing, use Dicor seal on them. Also, check the seal around your windows every three months for cracks in the sealant, and fill those when necessary. (About every five years, it's advisable to have a qualified mechanic remove your windows and reseal them completely anew.) If your RV's exterior is fiberglass, keep it waxed to retain its luster and be better able to withstand wear and tear from the elements.

Interior Checkpoints: The biggest threat to the interior, barring insect or animal infestation (always store indoors to prevent such things), is condensation. Condensation will occur when you take a shower or cook, so make sure your RV is ventilated with windows or vents open when you're showering or cooking.

Brakes and Axles: You need to have your wheel bearings packed every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Have your brakes adjusted every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Be sure to check your brakes and tire pressure before every trip, and remember, if you store your RV indoors in Corona, Lake Elsinore, Riverside or elsewhere, first-rate facilities such as Premier Indoor Storage in Corona can and will do this checking for you.

Appliance Checkpoints: Your furnace needs an annual cleaning, and your refrigerator needs to be checked once a year to have the flame adjusted and the burner tube cleaned. Likewise, you need to have your L.P. gas system checked annually for leaks as well as proper operating pressure. Finally, your generator needs to be started at least once a month and run for two hours under 50 percent load. Check with the maintenance crew at Premier Indoor Storage if your RV is being stored there, and all of these steps can be accomplished while you're off-site.

Battery Checkpoints: Check the water level in your batteries at least once a month and top it off. Clean the connections to the batteries every three months. If you're not using your RV, the batteries should be removed and placed on a trickle charger. Batteries that aren't used for extended periods grow weak and lose life-cycle. If you care for your battery properly, it should last three to five years.

In conclusion, the best maintenance plan is the world-class service solution that you can find if you store your RV at Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif. Premier was established by RV and boating enthusiasts who wanted a full-service facility so they could attend to their families and business interests while their "toys" were well attended to. Premier will provide all the maintenance and upkeep services your need as you store your RV, boat, motorcycle or car in Corona. Then your vehicle will be fully ready the next time you need it.

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