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Your Boat's Gelcoat and How to Care for It

Fiberglass boats are covered with what's called a gelcoat to protect the fiberglass in the hull, or boat body, from cracking and other damages. The gelcoat, however, is susceptible to its own set of challenges, largely from the sun and corrosive marine elements, but nicks and scratches from hitting docks or scraping other hard surfaces can also occur.

Simple abrasions can just as easily cause damage to the gelcoat when dirt is rubbed into the boat's surface from normal usage and routine wear and tear.

The gelcoat is what gives your boat its shiny, "new paint" type of look, so if you're looking at buying a used boat and it looks chalky and dull, be forewarned that the gelcoat probably needs attention -- and the fiberglass underneath may also need tending to.

When your boat's gelcoat gets compromised through the elements or through knocks or abrasions on it, the fiberglass the gelcoat is meant to protect becomes vulnerable. This is serious because such compromises can allow water to seep into the fiberglass and damage its structural integrity.

So your boat is actually better off, gelcoat-wise (and in many other ways), when it's being stored and protected from the sun and the elements whether in your own facility or in a world-glass, full-service facility like Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif.

But in the summertime when you're using your boat frequently, the gelcoat can be exposed to some severe but sometimes unnoticed challenges. While you're having fun, the sun and marine elements can be having their own sort of fun at your gelcoat's expense, to say nothing of the abrasions, scratches and dings that can come from bumping into or scraping up against unseen or seen hard surfaces.

The two steps to a good gelcoat are 1) keeping your boat protected when it's not being used (think indoor storage away from the sun and elements) and 2) inspecting, polishing and repairing your boat's gelcoat after enough usage.

Your boat is a costly investment that can yield almost endless fun, but you need to protect and care for your toy. Your best bet is to leave your boat in the capable hands of the service people at Premier Indoor Storage, where your gelcoat -- and every other component of your boat -- will be routinely inspected and reported to you, and where on-site service personnel can repair whatever is needed to keep your investment sound and operational.

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