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Indoor v. Outdoor Boat Storage

If you own a boat, you probably don't use it year-round, and in addition, in many areas the weather can turn hostile in the wintertime. Wherever you live, however, you need to consider how and where to stow your boat when you're not using it. Obviously, there are two options--indoor storage and outdoor storage. Outdoor storage, depending on the size of your boat, can be on property you own or rent or at a boat facility, usually in the water. Indoor storage can be found in most locations.

The first factor to consider is your investment and then, following closely on that, your budget.

Indoor storage is going to be the more expensive of the two options. Therefore, if you're on a tight budget, that factor may outweigh everything else, and you'll be forced to stow outdoors.

The biggest drawback to outdoor storage is damage from natural elements. Even if you completely cover your boat, it might still be subject to freezing and then thawing, winds, rains, snow, and worse.

The biggest drawback to indoor storage is, on the other hand, cost. It simply is more expensive than most outdoor boat storage facilities. But the drawbacks end there. Once you have your boat kept in a good indoor storage facility, it will be completely sheltered from the elements. You can often even go there and do routine maintenance.

Another factor affecting your decision is going to be distance. The indoor storage facility might be farther from your home than the outdoor, or vice versa. The outdoor option also may mean the boat is right on the water when you choose to take it out, which would be a good option in a warm year-round climate such as found in and around Riverside and Orange Counties in California.

The choice is yours, and the two biggest factors are cost and protection from the elements. Remembering that a boat is a costly investment, however, might tip the balance toward indoor storage, even if you do have to adjust your budget to afford it.

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