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Car Storage Practices to Protect Your Paint, Tire and Battery

If you want to best protect your investment in your automobile, or other vehicle, and you need to store it away for an extended period because your're traveling or being deployed, the best bet is indoor storage at a world-class facility such as Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif., which prides itself on valet storage services.

However, if you're just thinking of locking your car up in your garage for a month or more, you want to be sure to protect your investment. The three areas that can be hit hardest are the paint, the tires and the battery. You don't want to come home to find your can't start your car, and when you do get it started, you notice the car rides unevenly because the tires lost pressure, or worse, cracked. And then the paint, ugh, what happened?

Here are some important tips for self-storage:

Protect the car's paint and exterior by giving it a good washing, followed by a good waxing. Use suitable paint sealants containing resin and polymer ingrediants, as these components will ensure a good shine while sealing off contaminants from the atmosphere.

It's best to remove the battery and place it on a trickle charge, so that when you return, it will still provide the energy to spark ignition on your engine. If you just leave the battery in the car without a periodic charge, it will probably run dry, and worse, its lack of use could result in deterioration of the battery's cells.

As for the tires, some people recommend jacking the car up all around to relieve pressure on the tires, but this may not be practical. Others advocate balancing the car's weight evenly, so the tires udergo the same pressure. Of course, you could also remove the wheels and leave the car on stands, but again, this is probably too complicated for most people.

Again, if you trust your vehicle to places like Premier Indoor Storage, your car will be washed and waxed, your battery continually monitored, and your tire pressure checked and adjusted as needed. A vehicle is an expensive investment, so it makes sense to leave its care to professionals while you're out of town. That's where the valet storage services -- and maintenance facilities -- of Premier Indoor Storage come in, to preserve your investment and your peace of mind.

And for service members deploying from San Clemente or elsewhere, you get a 10-percent discount on your storage. Thanks for your service to our country!
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