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Automobile Storage Tips

If you're leaving on an extended business or pleasure trip, or being deployed as a service member, or otherwise need to store your automobile(s), the best advice is to bring it (or them) to Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif. (or have it or them picked up by Premier), but if you're planning on stowing it in your garage, here are some useful and practical tips and steps to follow:

1) Change the oil and oil filter.

2) Drain and flush the cooling system; then refill it with a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and antifreeze.

3) If it's been 30,000 without a change, have your transmission and differential oil changed. If not, then top them off. Ditto with the automatic transmission fluid.

4) Top off your brake fluid, or if it's been two years since a flushing and brake fluid change, do that.

5) Once the car is in place where you're going to stow it, remove the battery and clean it with store-bought cleaning fluid or a solution of baking soda and water.

6) Using auto dollies or jackstands under the various suspension points, raise up against the suspension to ride level (this protects the shocks).

7) Put a couple of mothballs inside the truck, interior and engine compartment to deter critters from entering or nesting.

8) Using plastic bags and rubber bands, cover the exhaust pipe and air filter intake to prevent moisture from entering.

9) Get a good car cover and use it to protect your investment.

Now, this is a lot of work, but some of it (such as changing oil and fluids on schedule) will need to be accomplished anyway, but if you choose Premier Indoor Storage, Premier's on-site mechanics and maintenance people will do routine checks on everything, including tires, batteries, fluids, and so on, so your car will be in good hands while you're not using it. Plus, you'll get valet service, including pick-up and delivery if you need it. For indoor auto storage in Corona (and for surrounding areas), Premier Indoor Storage is always a wise choice.

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