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Will Higher Gas Prices Lead to More Storage Time?

Let's face it: taking a motorhome out for an excursion, even a short one, can consume gallons and gallons of gasoline, whether diesel or unleaded. And with the cost of gasoline rising what seems like almost daily, the cost of going out in your RV, boat or even automobile can be almost prohibitive. So recreationists and vacationers are going to need to plan their trips and jaunts more carefully, maybe even stick closer to home.

Though gasoline prices can fluctuate wildly -- crude oil plunged 53 percent in 2008, but the next year it took a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride up 78 percent -- the overall trend is obviously up. In 2011, pump prices jumped 50 cents on the average nationwide, and this year there has been no let-up. Analysts are predicting crude oil to reach, or surpass, $140 a barrel of crude come summertime.

With China and India now gobbling up oil like never before (China just announced it would start strategically storing crude just like we do here in the United States), there's great competition for dwindling supplies of petroleum. And if things heat up in Iran and that country closes off the Strait of Hormuz, there could be gas lines reminiscent of the 1970s. Already, Iran has slowed and/or stopped oil shipments to France and England in protest of their anti-Iran-nuclear policies.

Yahoo Finance recently had this to say about gasoline price fluctuations:

"We expect inventories to be further depleted, as demand continues, especially from emerging markets. Inventories for February and March should show a further reduction, as 'oil demand growth was building positive momentum in the fourth quarter in all our regions except Europe,' says Credit Suisse."

It also does little good to think "leave the RV in storage" and take a plane. The airlines have all jumped on the oil-price bandwagon and are raising ticket prices, as well as tacking on exorbitant fees for everything you bring with you. It's almost to the point that it's easier and cheaper to travel nude, well, maybe not nude, but in shorts and a t-shirt. You can almost buy a wardrobe for what it costs to load one suitcase.

Bottom line, if you're going to be keeping your recreational vehicle, whether motorhome, boat, car, motorcyle, toy hauler or whatever else, in storage, you want to make sure you're storing it with people and facilities you can trust.

If fact, Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif., was created with world-class service and facilities in mind by recreationists who were tired of getting less-than-acceptable service from the indoor storage facilities they used.

Premier Indoor Boat and RV Storage is five acres of clean, well-lit, indoor and outdoor storage. Everything about the facility was created to ensure safety for its storage members and security for the items they leave there. With a state-of-the art security system your boat, RV or automobile is safe with Premier.

With an on-site service bay, Premier Indoor Storage can also handle the most serious of repairs or services.

From classic cars and championship wakeboard boats to touring buses for the stars of Hollywood, the Premier facility was specifically designed to care for, maintain and protect any item that is stored there.

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