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Tips for Storing Your Classic Car

If you own a classic car, you obviously want to preserve your investment, and that dictates that the vehicle is going to be in storage a lot of the time to prevent unnecessary wear and tear and preserve your investment. Let's face it: Classic cars aren't commuter vehicles. They need tender, loving car, which means putting them to rest a lot.

Whether you store your classic car at home in your garage (maybe not the best idea) or in a proven indoor storage facility such as Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif., you'll want to follow these tips for storing your classic car:

. Make sure the gas tank is full to help prevent moisture and water from being absorbed into the gas and the gas tank. You also lessen the rate at which the gasoline will turn to varnish if the tank is full. Consider also purchasing an additive that will keep the gasoline dry. Preload the additive and run it in the vehicle before storage.

. Even if you're not storing your vehicle in freezing temperatures, make sure you top off with anti-freeze to prevent corrosion and protect your cooling system. A 50-50 anti-freeze/water combination works best.

. Check the brake and clutch master cylinders and make sure they're topped off. When these systems are full, moisture and water have a harder time entering. Yearly, you should also bleed the entire brake and clutch systems and replace all fluids to prevent contamination.

. Coat the engine and exposed metal surfaces with a lubricant spray such as WD40 for protection against the elements.

. Wash and wax the vehicle and clean the interior. Buy some dessicant and place it on the vehicle's interior floors.

. Keep the windows and vents closed, and if your classic car is a convertible, make sure the top is closed tight as well. Treat vinyl surfaces with silicone.

. Take the vehicle for a 30-minute drive before putting it into storage. This will keep everything in good working order and prevent corrosion and drying out of seals. Once a month, you should take the car out of storage and drive it again to repeat the process and the protections it entails.

Remember, the best bet is secure, weatherized, indoor storage at a world-class facility such as Premier Indoor Storage. This is where West Coat Customs stores its expensive customized vehicles, both classic and modern, so you know your classic car will be in good hands with the trained staff and mechanics at Premier.

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