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5 Tips for Storing Your Automobile

Off to another destination for an extended period during which you won't be needing your car? Obviously, you'll want to store your automobile, whether at home or in a professional facility. Either way, there are five steps you need to take to ensure your car will be in tip-top shape when you return and need it.

Here are these five easy tips:

1) Battery Maintenance: Disconnect the battery wires on your vehicle.

2) Spark Plugs: Remove and clean the spark plugs. Then pour a very small amount of new motor oil into each cylinder. Doing this will help prevent rust from forming inside.

3) Fuel System: Gasoline in the fuel tank can break down and clog in places if not used for an extended period. Solution? Fill up the tank and add a fuel additive that prevents hardening. Then drive the car for a few miles to work the new gas through the system before storing the vehicle.

4) Oil and Filter: Do an oil and oil filter change, and then drive the car for a few miles to work the new oil through the system.

5) The Car Itself: Cover your vehicle. The exterior of your vehicle must be protected as much as the interior. Use a breathable material that will provide adequate protection from moisture.

There you go: Five easy steps to ensure a fully operational and well kept vehicle upon your return. Remember, though, that entrusting your car to a professional storage facility will enable you to achieve all these goals while on the storage premises and save you from the effort yourself.

If you choose an indoor storage facility for your automobile such as Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif., not only will the mechanics on site do all the mechanical chores for you, but you can skip the fifth step because the climate-controlled interior of the facility will protect your vehicle from the elements.

Choose wisely.

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