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The Art and Science of Waxing Your Boat

A shiny, lustrous boat is a wonder to behold, especially if you're trying to impress friends or perhaps sell the boat. How do you achieve and maintain that shiny luster? Well, of course, you have to wax it. But many may ask, "What's the best approach?"

The first step is to rinse your boat frequently, preferably after every outing. This gives you an edge up on keeping your boat sparkling and beautiful. Rinse everything thoroughly inside and out, and then manually dry it down. Many methods have been suggested for drying your boat from using lawn blowers to water blades. From the testimony of others, it appears that using a water blade and a chamois seems to be the favored method.

After rinsing your boat, you'll need to check for barnacles and other lesions on the hull. These will have to be manually scraped off using a fiberglas hull cleaner before you can get to the waxing job. Of course, to do this, your boat needs to be out of the water and on a trailer or other elevation, making the hull easily accessible.

Remember, however, that fiberglas hull-cleaning compounds are pretty powerful stuff, so you want to avoid breathing the fumes too closely or too often, and you also want to prevent contact with the skin.

The next step is to remove the oxidation from the gelcoat on your hull. How strong a rubbing compound you need to apply really depends on how oxidized the gelcoat is. You always want to use the least strong rubbing compound to do the job; otherwise, it might be counterproductive because rubbing compounds are abrasives and can mar the gelcoat. (Note: a severely oxidized gelcoat is one on which rubbing your finger will leave a white, chalky mark).

Now you're ready to actually wax the boat. The best waxing compounds often come with an advisory to first use a complementary gelcoat cleaning compound that needs to be buffed off manually or with a power buffer before it dries. Then you can apply the cranauba-based wax with a clean cloth and buff it in/off.

Note again, however, that if your hull is extremely oxidized, you probably want to have professionals do the work for you. Working with hull-cleaning compounds can be challenging, and the worst the oxidation, the harder the job.

Keeping your boat waxed and beautiful also protects your investment, so it is important to rinse and then wax as often as needed.

If all of this sounds tough and time-consuming, then you get the picture. It's not easy to keep a shiny, lustrous, just-waxed look on your boat, but at Premier Indoor Storage, help is on hand. Premier maintains and calls in highly trained professionals to take care of every aspect of your boat. If you want a sparkling wax job, you can depend on the Premier professionals.

Remember, Premier Indoor Storage prides itself on world-class service. Your boat, RV or other vehicle is always in good hands at Premier.

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