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Best Time for Boat Maintenance: End of Season, Not the Start

Some boating enthusiasts, come end of boating season, store their boats away and then figure they'll do upkeep and maintenance next time they need them. This approach, however, presents some real and serious difficulties and drawbacks.

First off, there's the decay factor. Sure, you wrap the boat up and store it well, hopefully at an indoor facility such as Premier, but if you're not careful about checking and cleaning--and repairing--anything that needs it, you can find even more serious deterioration, or problems, come next time you set to go out.

Plus, if something needs replacing and you let it go till next boating season, the part you need may not be immediately available. You might be disappointed that the trip you wanted to take can't be taken. Something mechanical isn't working--and is being shipped by yak from somewhere thousands of miles away.

This is where using a first-class facility such as Premier Indoor Boat and RV Storage comes in handy. Once you drop your boat off, or have it picked up, our maintenance folks will come over everything with a fine tooth come, while our service people will take to cleaning and repairing the exterior and interior as needed.

Not only will your boat get a solid end-of-season makeover, but the Premier staff will be checking on it periodically and even moving it around so the tires on your trailer don't get needlessly worn.

Remember, Premier was launched by RV and boating enthusiasts who were looking for the perfect solution to both storage and upkeep. Now you can find this sort of world-class service at Premier in Corona, Calif.

For more details on what steps you should take to preserve and maintain your vehicle, please see our article on "end-of-season boat care."

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