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Why Premier Offers Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Premier Boat and RV Storage in Corona, Calif., was founded by RV and boating enthusiasts to bring a level of world-classservice that the founders couldn't find at any other storage facility. Not only are there full-service mechanics and technicians on hand, but Premier also offers—rare in the industry—pick-up and delivery services.

Want to go boating in Lake Elsinore this weekend? Call ahead and Premier will have the boat there waiting for you. Need your RV brought from Yorba inda to Corona for indoor storage? That's available too.

Founders Ryan Merrill and Jake Fackrell, as RV and boating enthusiasts themselves, knew what they wanted in a storage facility, and they also knew that time is of the essence. Taking care of your investment requires not only money but also time. And if your stroage facility can step up to the plate, as Premier Boat and RV Storage does, you can save time—and often money—in the process.

Both Ryan and Jake enjoy very satisfying but busy lives with their own families. One of the things they wanted in a storage company was personnel who truly cared about the items they left in the building. Not people who could merely wash a boat, RV or automobile, but peoplewho cared as much about their things as they did. They wanted to work with those who were proactive in caring for their hard-earned assets. This caring for others is something they take seriously, and it forms a philosophy that underlies their business venture at Premier.

The staff at Premier Indoor Boat and RV storage takes the initiative to care for every item that comes in the door. They notice things like tires that are looking worn, dates of last service, batteries that need to be charged, and more. This is done not only to ensure their members' items are always ready to go at a moment's notice, but also to protect the investments they are being entrusted with.

Come and join the savvy people who store their boats, RVs, coaches and automobiles at Premier Storage and get these incredible added benefits and personal touches, such as pick-up and delivery services. West Coast Customs, Shaq, Justin Bieber, Angels players, and Will.I.Am all rely on Premier Storage. You should too. You'll be happy you did.

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