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Why You Need to Replace Your Boat's Water Impeller Yearly

Water impellers are mounted on boat engines to force water from the lake or river through the engine to cool it. Problem is, they can wear out easily, and they become especially prone to deterioriation while the boat is stored in the off-season.

Worse, water impellers can and do quit working while you're on the lake. Some boating enthuasiasts say it's okay to keep operating the boat because the speed of the boat will force water through your engine. However, there are two problems with this advice.

First, when you speed up to get more water flowing, you're forcing your engine to work harder and thus increasing the need for more water coolant. Second, even at top speed, the amount of water forced through the engine is minor, and you risk a more catastrophic engine failure if you keep going.

The main point, then, is to make sure your water impeller is in good shape so you can enjoy your water-borne jaunt.

A lot of times, water impellers will deterioriate while sitting idle in storage. Some professionals recommend removing the water impeller before storage so that there's no corrosion or deterioration. This is one way of dealing with the situation, but a better precaution is simply to replace the water impeller yearly, and certainly a good time to do that is while the boat is not in use.

Fortunately, most water impellers aren't that expensive, ranging from $50 to $100, and on some boats, they're pretty simple to replace if you want to attempt the job yourself. There are plenty of online advice articles and videos to help you do this.

However, if you live in Riverside, Ontario, Corona, Lake Elsinore or anywhere in the Inland Empire or even Orange County, the best solution is to store your boat at Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif., where on-site mechanics can easily replace your water impeller.

Remember, water impellers do wear out, and if they give out while you're boating, you could find yourself in a fine -- and expensive -- fix. That's why it's recommended that you do preventive care and replace the water impeller yearly.

An added benefit of storing your boat at Premier is the optional pick-up and delivery service. Premier service professionals will come get your boat from your home and then store in securely indoors. Then, when you want to use it at Lake Arrowhead or another local recreational spot, the Premier people will deliver it to your destination.

You can't beat the world-class service at Premier, located conveniently near the juncture of the 15 and 91 freeways.

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