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Boat Storage Rot and Mildew: Avoid It With Indoor Storage

The recreational boating forums are abuzz with boat owners who are lamenting having stored their boats under tarps outdoors for the winter. Problem is, temperatures soared in many areas, and the boats developed mildew and rotting problems.

Here's a typical comment out of New Brunswick, Canada:

"We had a exceptional warm day here in the Canadian Maritimes today 19 degrees C, took advantage to go in under the boat cover and tarps to check things out, boy was it damp in there, I can see why plywood seat bottoms, electrical connections and other non moisture loving items wrough and carrode. Wish I had a nice warm garage to store the boat in the winter."

Okay, maybe those are Canadian (mis)spellings for rot and corrode, but you get the idea.

The point is that it may cost more in the long run to conveniently stash your boat in your driveway or backyard for the winter, tarp all over it, when it comes to the time you have to spend fixing the boat back up for your spring jaunts. It might be better just to pay a small fee and stash your recreational boat indoors for the winter, or for that matter, for whenever you're not using it.

Let's face it. A boat is not a small investment. Why go chintzy on it when it comes to storage.

This is the same dilemma that recreational enthuastiasts Ryan Merrill and Jake Fackrell faced a few years back. They did opt for indoor storage, but found the facilities available to them just weren't cutting it. Sure, they offered indoor storage for their boats but little else--like routine check-ups and maintenance.

So they started their own indoor storage facility in Corona, Calif., with five acres of both an outdoor- and indoor-storage site. And they didn't stop there. They hired in-house service personnel and contracted with outside experts for the more-than-routine work. In short, if you store your boat, RV or other vehicle at Premier Indoor Storage -- their world-class facility -- you'll find your investment in good, trusted hands.

At Premier Indoor Storage, boats are given deionized water cleansings, their batteries are routinely charged, and they are staged for easy pick-up. In addition, pick-up and delivery services are available on 24-hours' notice, and if you need any specialized work, certified Mercruiser Mechanics are available.

In short, don't shortchange your boating investment by stowing your boat where the elements can wreak havoc. Choose the indoor storage solution to protect your investment and ensure your safe, happy boating experience each and every time. Choose the world-class valet service of Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif.

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