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Why It May Be Cheaper to Use Your Toys Than Let Them Sit

Let's face it--vehicles are happy when they're out and about, just like people, so if you own a boat, RV, cycle, or whatever else, it often pays to keep it on the move rather than let it sit.

Engine, transmission and other mechanical parts, whether in the drive train or elsewhere in your RV or boat, can get "rusty" and immobile if not used. Tires develop flat spots and cracks, and joints and moving parts--without the benefit of constant lubrication--can almost freeze in place, and the next time you use them, they'll feel the shock. It's like a person being awakened suddenly after a long, hard sleep. Jolt!

Batteries too are finicky. They can go dead while sitting. Of course, if you use indoor storage facilities such as Premier Indoor Storage in Corona, Calif., mechanics will check the batteries and fluid levels, which you can also do on your own if you store it outdoors. But the point is, a battery is happy when it's out on use on the highways or lakes and rivers of the nation--it's getting charged, and it's not growing old and tired sitting unused.

Keeping your RV, boat or other vehicle in steady use also helps shield it against encroaching critters and poaching human beings. Sitting stationary outdoors, your RV is subject to bird droppings, mouse and rat intrusions, insect accumulation, and so on. A boat on land could face the same threats, and a boat left in the water will develop scale and build-up on its hull.

There's also the investment factor. Few people buy an RV or boat for its resale value (though that, of course, is something to consider) but for recreational use. If it's stored most of the year, the owner is not getting maximum value out of it--clearly not fully enjoying his or her investment.

Of course, constant or repeated use is going to call for routine maintenance and repair, and mechanical parts will wear out, so you have to consider that cost versus the higher cost of storage in terms of worry and paying others to watch your investment.

Even if you are a rabid recreational enthusiast, however, there will come times when you need to store your RV, boat, coach or other vehicle, whether you're in Riverside, Lake Elsinore or Yorba Linda or elsewhere in Orange or Riverside Counties. And the safest, securest storage is always indoor storage at full-service facilities like Premier Indoor Storage in Corona.