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Indoor v. Outdoor Storage in the Inland Empire

If you own a boat, RV, motorcycle or car that you want to put in storage in the Inland Empire, your choices boil down to whether you want an outdoor facility with basically no service or maintenance offered, or an indoor facility where you may get service or you may not.

If you search online, or even look in the Yellow Pages, you'll find all kinds of advertisements for storage facilities, but most of them are of the bin or semi-garage variety, with perhaps some parking lot space surrounding the storage buildings for your vehicles. But--a big but--you're on your own. Leave it there at your own risk.

In Southern California for a short stay, because of the mild weather, thismight be perfectly acceptable, but if you're looking to protect your investment, either for the short- or long-term, you must think indoor storage facilities. And even with indoor storage facilities, not everything is created equal.

One big caveat with indoor storage is that some building owners, while awaiting a long-term lessee, will advertise for indoor storage, but as soon as that lessee shows up, you're toast: Come get your vehicle in 24/48 hours, etc. Plus, you need to check that these indoor storage facilities have bought insurance to protect your investment. Worse, others that are "legitimate" will coerce you into onerous long-term contracts.

Those facilities that respect you and your investment are few and far between. These facilities will offer full-service maintenance and care for your vehicle--checking tires, batteries, washing, cleaning, offering pumping services,and so on, and they'll treat your fairly.

On top of that, those that go over the top with destination-to-destination delivery and pick-up--and flexible, short-term storage agreements--are scarce, so when you find one like Premier Indoor Storage in Corona,Calif., you should jump on the opportunity.

Here's the Premier promise:

In a world where time truly is money and family time priceless, leave theworries of maintenance to our experienced team of experts.

Here are a few examples of things we do for our storage members everyday:

All our storage members have access to the famous team at West CoastCustoms. From complete sound systems to a full customization of your car, RV or boat. All storage members receive special pricing and service.

Can't beat it. Call Premier Indoor Storage at (800) 515-0458, and go visit today. You'll be happy you did.

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