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9 Tips for Caring for Your Boat in Lake Arrowhead

With your boat docked in Lake Arrowhead and after a day of cruising or fishing, you need to clean and maintain your boat to retain its appearance and value. Here are the basic but major steps to take:

Washdown: Start with the exterior before proceeding to the interior. Remove all stains, rust, grease, black rubber marks and heavy dirt using a good boat soap-water combination. Rinse the boat well and chamois dry for a spotless, clean appearance.

Curtains and mirrors: Clean up the scratches and any film that may have developed.

Waxing: A  waxing is the best protection you can provide for your boating investment. Wax will shield your boat from the salt, sun, rain, snow, dirt and environmental pollutants that water-borne vehicles are subject to. Apply an even coat of paste wax  using a soft cloth. Include fiberglass, wood and metals. Then go back and give everything a second coat.

Engine room: Using a wet/dry vacuum and disposable paint brushes, remove all particles of debris from the exterior of your engine and generator. This will allow you to spot oil leaks and other problems that could be overlooked otherwise.

Bilges: Turn off the bilge pumps and electrical source, and wash the bilge area thoroughly. A toilet brush is handy for hard-to-reach areas. Rinse well using hot water.

Teak care: Use a combination of sudsy ammonia and water for dirty teak--one quart of sudsy ammonia in one gallon of hot water. Wet sanding is the preferred method. When the teak cleaning is completed, rinse well. Then select a teak finish from what's available and follow the application directions carefully.

Interior of the boat: You need to wash the floors and the head (bathroom) and the galley. Wipe everything clean several times a year, and you will avoid the musty mildew odors that otherwise develop.

Electrical system and electrical connections: You need to treat the entire electrical system with commercially available corrosion blockers, which will prevent future problems.

Fishing tackles and guns: Rinse fishing tackle well with water and treat with a corrosion blocker.

Following these steps will keep your boating investment intact, whether you're sporting in Lake Arrowhead, Lake Elsinore, or journeying to different destinations.

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