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Indoor Storage > Storage Tips >Deionized Spotless Vehicle Washes at Premier

Deionized Water, Spotless Vehicle Washes at Premier

When you store your RV, coach, boat, or automobile at Premier Boat and RV Storage in Corona, Calif., you will receive many services that preserve and maintain your investment. One of these is a complimentary wash when your vehicle leaves the premises after being stored indoors.

Now, this is not just taking a hose, spraying the vehicle, and then wiping it clean. This is a meticulous washing that utilizes deionized water.

What are the benefits of using deionized water when cleaning a vehicle? Basically, you get no spots as a residue, and why is this?

Let's look at it this way: Water in its natural state is filled with ions, and these ions represent salt particles, so when washing a car with tap water, you will end up with spotting from the salt (or ion)residue. As an example, consider this: you can dissolve salt in water, but when you boil the water till evaporation, what you're left with is a salt pile. Something similar happens when you wash a vehicle with un-deionized water. You get a pile of spots.

Therefore, when you store a vehicle indoors at Premier Boat and RV Storage, not only with you get a free washing when you pick it up (or have it delivered), but you will also get a spot-free result because of the use of deionized water.

Come and join the savvy people who store their boats, RVs, coaches and automobiles at Premier Storage and get these incredible added benefits, such as deionized water washings. West Coast Customs, Shaq, Justin Bieber, Angels players, and Will.I.Am all rely on Premier Storage. You should too. You'll be happy you did.

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